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First Boot To Gecko Phones Coming To Brazil

Boot to Gecko is Mozilla's HTML-5 based mobile operating system, of which a developer prototype was showcased at this year's MWC back in February.

Now, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs has just announced the first market the OS will be available in. Namely Brazil, with Mozilla hooking up with Telefonica to bring phones to the South American country, although the exact launch date hasn't been confirmed. It will either be later this year, or early on in 2013.

Kovacs said of the OS: "It's an open platform to allow complete control of applications, much like a browser, and applications are installed the way you expect."

There was no hardware revealed, sadly, but there is one fact which is clear: The phones running Boot to Gecko will be priced to shift, at the level of feature phones.

Mozilla has already shown Boot to Gecko running on Samsung Android handsets, the Galaxy S II and Nexus S, but obviously it shouldn't take much in the way of hardware firepower to run the OS.

Brazilians may well be tempted by the lightweight OS and pricing - although the name Boot to Gecko is hardly the catchiest we've ever heard. Perhaps that'll be changed for launch, though.

Source: Engadget