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GameStop Drops PS3 Price By $50

GameStop has dropped the price of its PlayStation 3 consoles by $50, meaning you can now pick up the Sony machine for just $199 if you're a US resident. This is in line with the recent prediction (opens in new tab) by an analyst that Sony needed to drop the price of the PS3 in order to stay competitive with Microsoft and Nintendo in the long run.

Other retailers have yet to follow suit, so this might just be a quick GameStop promotion instead of a full scale PS3 price cut, but it certainly makes it an attractive buy for anyone that still hasn't got a Blu-Ray player or wants to try out any of the PS3 exclusives. The cheapest model on the site at the moment is the 160GB one going for $199. Buying it will also get you a free copy of either Batman Arkham City or Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition.

There's also a promotion running on the site for the PS Vita where you get a free game and carry case if you buy one of the new handhelds.

Sony recently released the developer suite (opens in new tab) for its Vita console, so there could be some fancy new titles incoming for the little touch screen device from small time developers.

Source: GameStop Sale (opens in new tab)

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