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Inside Outsider : The Burden of BYOD

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend may save companies money, but it's a trend fraught with security issues. How can enterprises appropriately oversee the multitude of digital channels and/or cloud services employees may access daily in the course of doing their jobs?

Long story short, they can't. And CISOs everywhere are struggling to come to terms with this fact. After all, their first impulse is to control access to -- and sharing of -- corporate information.

But in the face of unstoppable technology consumerisation, it behooves CISOs to intelligently ride the wave, rather than fight the trend.

By providing employees with company-sanctioned BYOD devices, and setting clear policies governing information sharing, CISOs are far more likely to maintain visibility over the corporate data trail.

Forward-thinking companies may even want to disseminate a list of "preferred" cloud-based services, and encourage employees to alert them to new services as they emerge.

If CISOs want to avoid the daily anxiety of constantly policing BYOD in their enterprise, they must embrace the new world of technology consumerisation. It's not going away and, with the right attitude, it could even be a competitive differentiator.