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ITV To Offer Shazam-Enabled Adverts

Shazam has signed an exclusive deal with ITV that will allow their pattern recognition technology play a significant role in TV interaction.

Bringing on board the company's audio-tagging software, ITV Commercial hopes to increase user engagement by giving viewers access to competitions, deals as well as special content simply by activating the app - and with this serving as the first European deal signed by Shazam following the successful rollout of 'Shazam for TV' in the US, this marks a huge step for UK broadcasting.

CEO of Shazam, Andrew Fischer, said that the agreement with ITV "will empower leading brands to connect with our millions of fans who will now be able to experience an extended engagement in one of the most convenient and innovative ways possible."

With over 10 million Shazam users in the UK alone, expect a huge influx in downloads - as well as a larger viewing audience for ITV.

"Shazam's audio-recognition technology is at the forefront of the second screen movement which is transforming the way consumers interact with content including advertising," explained ITV's commercial sales director Simon Daglish.

"This exciting and exclusive partnership means that ITV is able to offer customers a real first for UK media and allow brands to innovate their spot campaigns and connect directly with audiences on a large scale."

Which means more double screening than ever, as well as a convenient excuse to play with your smartphone during programme intervals.

Source: C21Media (opens in new tab)

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