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Late News: GCHQ Releases Alan Turing's Research Papers, Samsung Galaxy S3 Video, Fake Instagram App Infecting Android Devices

GCHQ has released two research papers authored by Alan Turing (opens in new tab), which are believed to have been written while he was at Bletchley Park, engaging in code cracking during World War II. The papers have previously been regarded as still too sensitive to make public, but you'll now be able to view them at the National Archives at Kew, although you'll need to make arrangements and bring ID to do so.

How these guys in Vietnam manage to do it is beyond me (opens in new tab). has done it yet again. They have managed to get hold of the Galaxy S3 and did a short video of it, in HD and posted it on Youtube where it went viral before it was pulled down. Since then, a number of reposts have been made by other parties which makes taking the video down more difficult if not impossible. Tinhte published the first unboxing of the iPad 3 (or new ipad), it was also the first website to come up with the white iPhone 4 with 64GB.

Rumours claim that Microsoft is going to organise a Windows Phone 8 (opens in new tab) event in Reading, UK, where the upcoming Apollo version will be detailed. Although the actual date has not been leaked, a complete agenda of what will be discussed has been made available. As sources have stated, Microsoft may have learned its lesson from Mango and will opt for a more public unveiling of the upcoming platform, to attract the public's attention.

Just when the wait appeared to be over with Instagram (opens in new tab) finally becoming available for Android users, it seems that photo-lovers may have to endure another unbearable wait as the image-sharing app has been hit by a nasty Russian doppelganger. Security software firm Sophos made the discovery on Wednesday, after identifying a fake Instagram app doing the dirty on several Android devices.

Twitter has announced that it has become an official sponsor (opens in new tab) of the Apache Software Foundation. In case you're not aware, the Apache Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supports the development of open source software, including the Apache web server. It provides not just organisational, but financial and legal support to open source projects.

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