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Lava To Release The First Intel Smartphone

Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, has met with the media recently to announce the company's financial results for the first quarter. He used the opportunity to publicise the release of the first smartphone running on Intel's Atom 'Medfield' platform.

"We expect to see another important milestone for our business later this week: the launch of the world's first Intel architecture-based smartphone," proclaimed Paul Otellini.

He also referred to similar announcements made by Lenovo and Motorola Mobility, at the beginning of this year. Both of these companies plan to unveil smartphones powered by Intel's Atom X2460 'Medfield' platform.

Otellini preferred to keep the reporters at the edge of their seats, while declining to provide further details on this matter.

However, previous reports state that Lava International (opens in new tab) might actually deliver the first Intel smartphone - where the first market to meet the new device will be India. Both Intel and Lava announced such a project, at this year's edition of Mobile World Congress.

PCWorld predicts (opens in new tab) that the smartphone will come with a 4.03in screen and Intel Z2460 single-core chip running at 1.6GHz. Reportedly, the Z2460 chip can provide a battery life of up to eight hours, on 3G voice calling and standby time of 14 hours.

Source: eWeek (opens in new tab)

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