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Microsoft To Host A Windows Phone 8 Event In Reading, UK

Rumours claim that Microsoft is going to organise a Windows Phone 8 event in Reading, UK, where the upcoming Apollo version will be detailed. Although the actual date has not been leaked, a complete agenda of what will be discussed has been made available.

As sources have stated, Microsoft may have learned its lesson from Mango and will opt for a more public unveiling of the upcoming platform, to attract the public's attention.

It seems the Redmond-based giant will present a general review of Apollo, along with the upcoming release schedule for Windows Phone and even how the mobile version will integrate with Windows 8 - the desktop client.

Moreover, it has been said that Microsoft will discuss new Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities; the new features present in Apollo; matters related to connectivity and APN management; as well as opportunities for customisation and differentiation between manufacturers.

The last item on the list may come as a direct answer to the call from various Taiwanese manufacturers (possibly including HTC), who were upset that the only one with the rights to alter the user interface of Windows Phone was Nokia. Moreover, the Finish manufacturer didn't even exploit this right.

WP8 Apollo is expected to launch this autumn, with October probably being a good bet - the same month as Windows 8.

Source: NetBookNews (opens in new tab)