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New iPad Screen Encounters Colour Issue

Despite its highly praised innovative resolution, Apple's new iPad still has some display issues. Reports on this matter from discontent users are piling up on top of concerns relating to connectivity and overheating.

When it comes to the Retina Display, some users were annoyed to find their tablet display areas "besmirched" with yellow, blue and pink tinting. Several other users also complained about dead pixels, dust, and backlight bleeding.

One particularly unlucky new iPad user (yet loyal Apple fan) explains (opens in new tab) on the forum that he is now at this thirteenth attempt to get a working iPad - however, whilst two of the devices he exchanged at the Apple stores were made because he changed his mind about both the colour and connectivity, the rest were faulty.

"3 were returned right away in the store (scratches, dark blotches behind the screen). A couple were super yellow, one had over a dozen dead pixels, and one even had the bottom half of the screen turn baby blue," explains MacJoshua.

Some other users who posted on the forum gave up on the idea of owning the new iPad, choosing instead to get their money back from Apple.

Source: Ubergizmo (opens in new tab)

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