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New Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked?

It seems that a list of "confirmed" Windows Phone 8 features has surfaced on a Chinese thread, belonging to a community of fellow Apollo enthusiasts. The translation shows a couple of new features being added to the build, but nothing impressive yet.

The source is a Chinese Windows Phone community and although Google manages to bring about a decent translation, Sam from Insideris (opens in new tab)obtained an accurate version of what is currently packed in a beta build of Apollo.

It seems that the upcoming version will bring Gravity induction, a feature used for games and common files. This will work as a tilt mechanism, which will enlarge thumbnails when the phone is brought closer to the owner. This should require a complex proximity sensor so not all handsets may be able to use it.

In addition, the ability to add folders has been included, a feature that's been present in Android and iOS platforms for some time now, as well as some "major" changes in Internet Explorer. Although these were not detailed, we do know that enriched characters are now available for simplified and traditional Chinese language support.

Developers have yet to add a bulk SMS/MMS delete option, whilst the user interface hasn't been significantly changed . Also, there is talk about VPN support, a feature that's currently in the WP8 Beta - however, it's been rumoured that it might not make it in the final release. Sources suggest a future update, possibly 8.5, may introduce it .

Source: WPXAP (opens in new tab)