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Noon News: BPAS Under Hack Attacks, Apple Wins iTunes Store Patent, Samsung Galaxy S3 Test Model Spotted

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) (opens in new tab) is one of the leading abortion providers in the country, and it has recently come under fire from "pro-life" hacker activists. The hacking attacks began a while back, and last month, a man in his late twenties from the West Midlands, James Jeffery, was jailed for stealing data pertaining to 10,000 women - who had sought advice on abortion from BPAS.

Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, has met with the media recently (opens in new tab) to announce the company's financial results for the first quarter. He used the opportunity to publicise the release of the first smartphone running on Intel's Atom 'Medfield' platform. "We expect to see another important milestone for our business later this week: the launch of the world's first Intel architecture-based smartphone," proclaimed Paul Otellini.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just awarded Apple a new patent (opens in new tab), this time relating to the functionality of iTunes. As Patently Apple reports, the patent describes a "graphical user interface for browsing, searching and presenting media items." This improved graphical interface is also suitable for previewing and purchasing media items "in an on-line manner." Apple filed this patent back in 2004, when its on-line store was known as the iTunes Music Store.

With only two weeks remaining until its unveiling, (opens in new tab) a model of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 has been leaked. According to some sources, this version appears to be used just as a test - and may not represent the final design (opens in new tab). The smartphone has been spotted in Brazil, where sources state that the phone was actually manufactured and that indeed it can be counted as a member of the Galaxy family. It has a thinner design than the Galaxy S2, but its larger body makes it heavier.

The latest research on the future of payments (opens in new tab) has revealed that by the end of this decade, paying with smartphones will become as commonplace as using cash or credit cards. The study is a result of a joint effort from the Pew Internet, the American Life Project and Elon University's School of Communications. The report is based on the opinions of over 1,000 technology experts and stakeholders, from the USA.

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