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Samsung Galaxy S3 Test Model Caught In The Wild

With only two weeks remaining until its unveiling, a model of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 has been leaked. According to some sources, this version appears to be used just as a test - and may not represent the final design.

The smartphone has been spotted in Brazil, where sources state that the phone was actually manufactured and that indeed it can be counted as a member of the Galaxy family. It has a thinner design than the Galaxy S2, but its larger body makes it heavier.

The model fails to surprise as it can only be considered an "incremental" update of the former Galaxy S II. The phone comes with a large physical button on the front side and an oval shaped glass panel, which covers the display. The back panel pictures captured a 12-megapixel camera and dual-led flash.

What made many believe that this is actually the third generation phone is the code number: GT-I9300. This serial has been previously "confirmed" by a BGR (opens in new tab) source, as the tag number of the upcoming model.

Shortly after its first appearance, TheVerge (opens in new tab) was quick to state that this leaked model is only a "generic text box", denoting that it's just a physical case used, for the testing of the Galaxy S3 internals. This was given to employees for public use, without having to worry about unwanted attention.

Whether the test-model is going to be similar to the final version or not, remains to be seen on the 3rd of May - when the Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched in London.

Image credit and source: Gizmodo Brazil (opens in new tab)(translated by Google)