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Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Be Small Update To S2

A source closed to Samsung has told Cnet's Andrew Hoyle that the Korean Chaebol will not name the followup to the Galaxy S2 as the S3 and instead may "do an apple" which could either mean adding an additional letter (Galaxy S2S) or a word before (Next Galaxy).

It's interesting to note that the invite does mention meeting the "next galaxy". That said, we're unsure whether Samsung Next Galaxy sounds as appealing as Samsung Galaxy Next.

The source also confirmed that the S3 will be to the S2 what the iPhone 4S has been to the iPhone 4, a minor upgrade rather than a comprehensive overhaul.

Still, if Samsung decides to change the processor, the amount of system memory, the screen size and resolution, the camera resolution and the operating system, it would warrant a full blown name change as it did with the S2 moving from the S.

Cnet also mentions that the S3's nearest equivalent on the market would be the HTC One X which has 1GB RAM, a quad core processor, 32GB onboard storage, a 4.7-inch screen with a 1,280 by 720 pixels resolution.

Samsung has invited members of the press to an Unpacked event on the 3rd of May to meet the "Next Galaxy" and it is more than likely that it will talk about the follow up to the Galaxy S2.

Source : Cnet

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