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Scammers Take Advantage Of New iPad’s Slow Release In China

The latest Apple announcement relating to the new iPad rollout reveals that the Chinese market was left aside. The news, coupled with reports of the iPhone 4S insufficiency, has left fans there heartbroken. Alternatively, others saw it as an opportunity to make some illegal money.

A report (opens in new tab) from the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre reveals that the hugely desired Apple products have turned into traps used by scam artists.

Since Apple's announcement, the number of phishing attacks had risen. The victims are lured with the promise of a cheap new iPad or iPhone 4S.

The phishing websites gain the clients' trust by promising them that no upfront payments will be needed. The swindlers then call the victims to assess their knowledge in Apple products and their vulnerability.

Occasionally, the clients receive counterfeit products, or old cheap phones. Other instances have involved the cons managing to convince customers to hand over the money before receiving the devices.

The report from the Chinese authorities reveals that these phishing websites have over 200,000 daily visits. It is still unknown how many actually have fallen in the scammers' traps.

Source: WallStreetJournal (opens in new tab)

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