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Smoked By Windows Phone Coming To UK As "Dare to Live"

Microsoft will be bringing the popular "Smoked by Windows Phone" contest to smartphone lovers in the UK tomorrow, but this time it will be known as "Dare to Live". In this challenge, participants will battle against the latest Nokia Lumia 900 for a tasty cash prize.

Dare to Live is set to begin tomorrow on 21st April, where the tour will begin in London. Over the next eleven weeks Microsoft will tour ten more cities, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, and lastly on 7th July, Liverpool.

Those who are ready to take on the Lumia 900 could win £20 on the spot or suffer a tormenting loss, as they will have to endure intense activities and face being mocked in front of an entire crowd. Rumours suggest these punishments may include tightrope walking, and even a 'reverse bungee'.

However, the silver lining of the whole deal is that those who lose can trade their smartphone in for a brand new Lumia 900, as well as receive a £100 bonus. Microsoft has partnered with Phones4U and O2 UK in supplying the phones and as checked on the carrier's official website, the only versions available are the white models.

Source: Facebook (opens in new tab)