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Sony Hiring For New IP Development

Sony's Santa Monica studio is looking for a "Senior Combat Designer" to work on a new unannounced IP, most likely a title that will end up on the next-generation PlayStation Orbis console.

As part of the role the newly hired applicant will be taking a strong role in the design of the unknown property, assisting the lead combat designer and game director in crafting character and enemy interaction as well as AI gameplay scenarios and tuning. The applicant should also have a strong background in gameplay design and a working knowledge of game production and how a title progresses to completion.

Some of the required experience for the role includes:

  • Experience using a text-based scripting language
  • Knowledge of scripting standards
  • Ability to use code-based proprietary tools
  • Experience working with vehicle combat
  • Experience working with first person shooters

Sony also said in the posting that the applicant will need to have over four years experience in game development and at least two years experience in combat or character design. They will also need a Bachelor level degree or equivalent.

From this job listing we can take away that the new property from Sony will be a shooter, featuring vehicles and possibly a mixing of genres. With the development cycle of many AAA games being between one and a half to two years, it seems likely that whatever this title is, it'll be showing up either towards the very end of the PlayStation 3's life cycle or at the beginning of the PlayStation Orbis'.

Source: GamaSutra