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Twitter Sponsors Apache Foundation

Twitter has announced that it has become an official sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

In case you're not aware, the Apache Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supports the development of open source software, including the Apache web server. It provides not just organisational, but financial and legal support to open source projects.

The social network notes the increasing importance of open source work in the software world, and admits that many Twitter projects use open source code. Hence the company feels the need to put money into supporting the Apache Foundation, to show its commitment to open source.

Writing on the Twitter Engineering blog, Chris Aniszczyk notes that one example of a piece of open source software Twitter utilises is the Mesos project, which is being developed within the ASF incubator, and is now close to an official release.

Aniszczyk states: "Within Twitter, Mesos runs on hundreds of production machines and makes it easier to execute clustered jobs that do everything from running services to handling our analytics workload."

He adds: "Sponsoring the ASF is not only the right thing to do, it will help us sustain our existing projects at the ASF by supporting the foundation's infrastructure. We have a long history of contributing to Apache projects, including not only Mesos, but also Cassandra, Hadoop, Mahout, Pig and more."

Source: Twitter