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Velvet, Metrix, Legend To Join S3 In Galaxy Family?

In March, South Korean electronics maker Samsung registered a set of new names for its Galaxy series to prevent rivals from stealing them, with malicious voices saying at the time that no one would want the names Galaxy Lift, Galaxy Perx, and Galaxy Sire anyway.

Samsung, however, has done it again. The company has secured three new names for future Galaxy devices: Velvet (opens in new tab), Metrix (opens in new tab) and Legend (opens in new tab). All the applications are labelled under "goods and/or services" in the smartphones and mobile phones category.

At least this time round, Samsung registered names the company has never used before, unlike the Galaxy Next - with the company previously releasing a model under the same name in other markets (not to mention their Legend title clashing with the HTC Legend model released back in 2010).

We shouldn't necessarily wait for these Galaxy models to hit the market any time soon as most likely, they won't even be used - or end up becoming carrier-specific versions of the upcoming Galaxy devices.

Source: PocketNow (opens in new tab)

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