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What Will Windows 8 Enterprise Offer?

Microsoft has just announced three new versions of Windows 8, one of them being the Enterprise edition. Although the standard, Pro and RT versions were thoroughly detailed, the last one was only mentioned by its name.

That mistake was quickly repaired, where developers wrote a separate post about Windows 8 Enterprise. It appears that this will be a version that will not be aimed at mainstream customers and will fully integrate Software Assurance benefits, besides all the features found in Win 8 Pro.

In addition, Enterprise will include premium features that will help in mobile productivity, security, manageability and virtualisation. One of them is Windows To Go, a fully manageable version of the standard Windows 8 client that it's installed on a bootable USB disk. This can be used by companies to supply a working copy of the operating system, to all its employees.

The OS will also come with Direct Access, a modern take on VPN functionality, which allows remote users to access network resources with ease.

This can be successfully paired with Branch Cache, a feature that targets corporations and allows common or server computers to access cached files (documents, websites, etc.) from the inner-network, without having to download the content again from the Internet.

Enterprise also has the means of managing user permissions, by blacklisting or whitelisting certain files on the computer. Application side-loading is also permitted, with users having the possibility of running Metro-style software without checking by the Windows 8 Store.

Source: Steam Blog (opens in new tab)