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Apple Will Meet With Proview To Resolve iPad Dispute

Apple has agreed to meet with the representatives of the Chinese company who originally owned the iPad name. In 2009, Proview sold the iPad title to Apple but the sale is still being debated in the courts.

Apple and the almost bankrupt Proview are clenched in a legal war over the most valuable trademark in the tablet market, however, without owning the trademark, Apple is put in the awkward position of selling counterfeit iPads in China. Meanwhile, iPad imports and exports to Chinese customers as well as the Foxconn facilities face a possible ban should Apple lose the trial.

This week some leeway was made, when the Higher People's Court of Guangdong Province recommended that both companies try to compromise.

Ma Dongxiao, Proview's lawyer, has confirmed that the companies will start talks to settle the problem but he didn't reveal additional details.

This "mediation procedure" is a means used by Chinese law where both parties involved in a trial attempt to negotiate a resolution before the court makes a ruling. It's been reported that Proview has entered into these negotiations hoping to receive $400 million in exchange for the iPad trademark.

Source: MacWorld (opens in new tab)

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