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HTC Defends Its Touch Technology Against Apple Patents

The ongoing dispute between HTC and Apple has now reached the London courts, with the Chinese electronics manufacturer explaining to a UK judge that its touch screen technology does not infringe upon Apple's patents.

The outcome could prove to be hugely significant, considering that HTC could use the UK ruling to win similar legal wars against Apple in German and Dutch courts.

HTC lawyers said in the case's documentation that the court has to rule about "extremely simple implementations of commonly known techniques." Meanwhile, Apple's lawyer Simon Thorley detailed in court that HTC is actually attacking the validity of four Apple patents.

"We say it is clear the inventions make the requisite contributions to the field," said Thorley. The two companies will be clinched in this legal wrangle until 4th May.

If HTC manages to quash Apple's patents, the company will use the victory to prove that it isn't infringing Apple's patents in the European markets. This would mean that the similar trials scheduled in German and Dutch courts will be much easier.

A potential German injunction could "have a serious impact on HTC's business in Europe," argued HTC lawyers.

HTC's competition with the big players in the market, Apple and Samsung, resulted in the Chinese company losing 70 per cent of their income in the first quarter, compared to the first quarter of last year.

Source: Bloomberg (opens in new tab)

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