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HTC Will Ditch QWERTY Keyboards

HTC creative director Claude Zellweger recently spoke at an event in Seattle, revealing some crucial information about the future of HTC devices. According to a Pocket-lint report, the Chinese company has realised that physical keyboards belong in the past.

Although there are still clients who believe that physical QWERTY keyboards are easier to use and request them in a smartphone, HTC wants to abandon this feature. HTC's creative director strongly believes that the future of keyboards doesn't rely on the hardware, but on haptic technologies.

"We feel that putting too much effort into that would take away from our devices," said Claude Zellweger.

He also explained that the company plans to focus on design concepts that allow thinner smartphones. HTC also refuses to integrate large capacity batteries into their smartphones, in order to respect design principles.

Possibly the last HTC smartphone featuring a physical keyboard is the HTC Cha Cha. Released last year, the Cha Cha model failed to impress the market. As one of the major manufacturers relying on Android OS to develop smartphones, HTC needs to focus more on decent touch screens.

Users of Android state that their experience is improved by a large display and that a physical keyboard only gets in the way.

Source: Pocket-Lint (opens in new tab)

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