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Mac OS X Is Vulnerable To Malware, Says Kaspersky

The time when Mac users could show off their well-shielded machines and make fun of regular PC users, who faced one virus attack after another, is long gone.

After Apple announced back in 2011 that their beloved Macs reached 5 per cent of the desktop and laptop global market share, cyber criminals the world over turned this remark into a challenge.

Just a year ago, Mac OS X suffered aggressive malware attacks from FakeAv/Rogueware, resulting in Macs being exposed to certain weakness issues - with the platform displaying exploitable security loopholes.

"Safari, Quicktime, and other software on Apple devices is regularly exploited during pwnage contests, but widespread cybercrime attention hadn't caught on until this past year," points out Kurt Baumgartner, Kaspersky Lab expert.

The recent Flashback malware, or Flashfake (as presented by numerous variants as fake Flash updates requiring installation) has revealed this Mac OS X vulnerability.

There are specialised groups that target Macs and hijack traffic in order to earn ad revenue, such as Koobface - distributing malware capable of performing sophisticated banking crimes.

Meanwhile, Mac OS X vulnerability might rely on Java and its client-side exploits.

Source: ArsTechnica

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