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Samsung Emulating Apple For Galaxy S III Launch

Samsung is finally taking the best bits of Apple's strategy and engineering it into its own for the launch of the Galaxy S3 - or so it seems.

According to The Verge, a source close to the Korean Chaebol says that Apple is using "generic test boxes" to put the components of the next Galaxy through quality checks which allows employees to take the phones in the real world without being spotted.

One source within the company says that "That's not even close to the final design, "No leaks of the final design have been accurate."

The leak being referred to was the one from Gizmodo rather than the video Vietnamese website Tinhte leaked earlier today and showed what looks like a working version of the Galaxy S3 in all its glory.

The source also says that the security around the S3 is tighter than anything previously produced by Samsung, something Apple is well known for. It wouldn't therefore surprise us that Samsung decides to call the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Next (or Next Galaxy) just like Apple did with the "New iPad".

Source : The Verge

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