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Samsung Galaxy S III To Come With S-Cloud

Samsung could unveil a new cloud storage service called S-Cloud to run on the Galaxy S3; it is set to take on the Apple's iCloud, according to a report published by The Verge which cites Maeil Business.

The plan could be part of a project called "Samsung Electronics SW Consolidation Plan" and MB reckons that the S-Cloud could be unveiled on the 3rd of May, at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Maeil Business says that the S-Cloud wouldn't have any limitations on the type of content you can upload. Rumours of the S-Cloud appeared in February, just before Mobile World Congress but was apparently delayed.

Samsung already uses to provide cloud-based storage for its range of Television sets, via its AllShare Play feature.

Sony Mobile partnered with in the past, while HTC is offering a free two year subscription with its One smartphone series with Dropbox (25GB). Android handsets are likely to get GoogleDrive very soon, while Windows Phone handsets can already use SkyDrive.

Source : The Verge

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