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£79.99 OCZ Vertex Plus Series 120GB 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive

The 120GB Vertex Plus Solid State Drive from OCZ is a great drive to boost the performance of your system by leaps and bounds starting from where the traditional hard drives stop providing you with an overall cooler, quieter, and more durable performance.

The SSD boasts of maximum read speeds of 250 MB/s while the write speeds stand at 160 MB/s. OCZ has put in a combination of latest flash memory in the Vertex Plus along with the revolutionary new technology - Indilinx Arowana FTL with HyperQueuing that increases the sequential write speeds and random IOPS over the previous generation FTL. The overall transfer rate of the SSD stands at 300MB/s.

Energy conservation and improvement in laptop battery life is another trait of this SSD - thanks to the less power requirement of the NAND flash. The Vertex Plus comes with TRIM support making this an ultimate notebook or desktop upgrade.

With lower cost per gigabyte configuration compared to its competitors in the market, the Vertex Plus would serve as an ideal upgrade to your old drives and would be great for installation of operating systems, in RAID arrays, or as primary laptop storage.

The drive is supported by all major operating systems out there and comes with a 2 year warranty.

The OCZ Vertex Plus Series 120GB 2.5" internal Solid state drive is available from Pixmania for £79.99.