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Dan Bull Attempts To Get Torrent Song Into Charts

Geek rapper Dan Bull has launched a new campaign to highlight the virtues of torrented music and show how even artists giving their work away, can rise up through the British chart system.

The new single entitled "Sharing is Caring (opens in new tab)" focuses on social networking and whether it's being used or abused in its current iteration. Snippets include attacks on people posting what they've eaten that day or the overblown perfection of profile pictures, and the prevalence of images of people getting drunk and clubbing.

While this song sounds similar to some of Dan's previous work (opens in new tab), he's trying something a bit different with this one. Releasing 10 different versions of the track - that all count as one song - he's attempting to get it into the British charts.

Penning his own guest piece for Torrent Freak (opens in new tab), Dan describes his frustrations with attempting to break into the record industry and ultimately decided he'd rather exist alongside it as opposed to within it. The single Sharing is Caring and its derivatives are designed to show that whichever road you want to take as an artist, whether it's the traditional or the more independent, it's doable.

Dan Bull made headlines recently with his huge artist collaboration for an anti-British Phonographic Industry song called "Bye Bye BPI." It slammed the group for its wagon circling practices and drew a line in the sand between artists and the exploitative labels and their executives.

If you want to download the new track(s) for free, Dan has it up for torrent here (opens in new tab).

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