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France Election Sees Twitter Users Speak In Code

France is known for several things, including berets, the Eiffel Tower and Euro Disney - but one aspect in particular that is commonly associated with the nation is its pastime of 'surrendering'. Whilst not exactly the country's most proudest trait, this is exactly what happened when France attempted to prevent the first round of election results from being leaked on Sunday - yet in true French style, failed miserably.

Twitter activity over the weekend included flans being in the oven, tomatoes of a surprisingly green hue, as well as the breaking news of temperature in Budapest hitting within the region of 25 degrees. Don't worry, its microblogging users weren't suddenly talking about recipes and relocating to the Hungary capital - they were all just discussing the results of the French election.

The law in France states that details of the voting results can not be published by any media before 8pm on election days during the presidential race campaign - so obviously, French Twitter users took this opportunity to circumvent this prohibition and speak in less sense than usual.

"Netherlands-Hungary qualify for return leg," said one tweet, playing on the name of Francois Hollande as well as the origin of the father of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"According to observers returning from Syria, Russian tanks left at dawn, due to arrive in Paris at 20h," said another, referring to a potential left-wing victory and closing time at poll stations.

However, top points goes to this user: "At 75,000 euros per gag posted on #RadioLondres, Twitter is going to bail out France's debt in 24 hours."

Source: New York Times (opens in new tab)

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