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Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day 2012

Google went back to its roots - literally - for their commemoration of Earth Day yesterday. Replacing the standard animation logo with a flower patch; the search engine extraordinaire used a selection of yellow, red and purple flowers blossom to spell out Google.

Designed as part of a campaign to mark the awareness raised by US Senator Gaylord Nelson - after witnessing an oil spill off the coast of California - the Wisconsin resident called for the first Earth Day to be honoured, on 22nd of April, 1970.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, for Earth Day this year, let's all plant a few" explains the caption below the doodle. When the logo is clicked, users are taken to a special Earth Day page linking to YouTube videos on gardening, with a Google Map showing the weather in numerous areas, as well as a plethora of other Google related mediums (such as Google+) highlighting a number of earthy tips.

Google has also joined up with Friends of the Urban Forest, to help plant trees in schools based in San Francisco.

Since its inception back in 1970, several Earth Day events have been hosted - always on the same date it was first held, of 22 April. In 1990, the event celebrated worldwide acclaim for the first time, with over 200 million people taking part in Earth Day activities in 141 countries. Its 30th anniversary, in 2000, was used to persuade the world's inhabitants to adopt cleaner energy, while 2010 observed the launch of a scheme to plant 1 million trees.

Source: PCWorld (opens in new tab)

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