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Google Doodle Celebrates St George & ZX Spectrum

Google has plumped for a double celebration with its latest doodle, commemorating both St George's Day and the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum.

The doodle shows St George rearing up on his steed, lance pointing at a dragon, although the scene is rendered in Spectrum style graphics: a neat touch.

St George's Day, as you are almost certainly aware, is the day in celebration of the patron saint of England - the infamous dragon slayer himself. The legend goes, he downed the big lizard in order to save a princess.

Slightly less mythical than tales of dragons, is the ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit home computer that Sinclair brought out in 1982.

One of the company's more successful inventions - certainly more so than the C5 death-trike - the ZX Spectrum had a whopping 48K of memory on board, and was priced at £175 when it first unleashed.

It went on to become a best-selling home computer, competing against its main rival - the Commodore 64. There was always plenty of mud being slung in playgrounds across the UK, between C64 and Spectrum owners.

The Commodore had more memory, better sound, and didn't have that unpleasant rubbery keyboard, or so C64 owners argued. Spectrum fans hit back by asserting that better, more innovative, games were available on their machine (such as those produced by Ultimate).