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HTC And Nokia May Put Devices On Hold For Windows Phone 8

Rumour has it that HTC and Nokia may refuse to introduce their latest smartphones to some international markets because of Windows Phone 8. Apparently, the two are waiting for Apollo's release before serving a pre-loaded copy onto their latest devices.

The information came from a source that supposedly spoke to Nokia and HTC representatives from South Africa, receiving an interesting response: the two manufacturers will not release the HTC Titan and the Nokia Lumia 900 until Windows Phone 8 arrives.

These two smartphones will come pre-loaded with the newest version where they will be properly introduced. A time frame was also given for this release and as the tipster claims, HTC aims for the third quarter of this year, while Nokia might wait a little longer.

Considering the fact that Apollo is rumoured to launch in October, alongside its desktop sibling, the above stated strategy would be meaningless. Holding down two expected smartphones six months after release, especially the Lumia 900 which could mean a significant contribution to Nokia's declining budget, could be considered a particularly mad move.

Yet this could be seen as a lack of trust towards carriers, when it comes to delivering OS updates. AT&T (opens in new tab) may be a good example, by failing to distribute late builds of WP 7.5 Mango to handsets even months after launch.

Source: WMPowerUser (opens in new tab)