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Hurt Locker Makers Are Suing Their Fans Again

The company behind the 'explosive' movie Hurt Locker, Voltage Pictures, has announced its intention to sue another 2,514 suspected pirates for allegedly illegally sharing the movie online via torrents.

This isn't the first time Voltage has taken to the court room to target people that wanted to watch the Oscar winning movie. Soon after it gained the coveted award back in 2010, Voltage announced the intention to sue thousands of claimed file sharers. The number ended up reaching a staggering 24,583 individuals. While it is unknown how many of those settled or opted to take the matter to court, the suit was finally closed in December last year.

Voltage is hoping with its latest filing that it will be able to force ISPs to hand over the account details of the consumers it claims illegally shared the movie. Each person charged with downloading the Hurt Locker will be offered a settlement deal of $3,000.

For downloading just one movie, each individual could be charged the equivalent of £1,865.

All those being targeted by the legal action are part of the Charter Communications ISP's customer base. The fact that Voltage believes it can force the provider to hand over details suggests that this is a company pre-disposed to rolling over. That or it's the only company that holds customer IP address details for more than 2 years - since the supposed illegal downloads occurred in 2010.

This is just one of many torrent lawsuits filling up US courts at the moment, with over 250,000 individuals being charged so far. The Hurt Locker suit will have a big impact on the outcome of all of them, so it's likely many will be keeping a close eye on it.

Source: Torrent Freak (opens in new tab)

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