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Intel Launches Ivy Bridge Chips

Intel has released a new line of processors, the Ivy Bridge family. According to the company, the chip offers more power to the computer, whilst reducing the amount of energy used.

This initial release showcases 13 quad-core processors, which will be used in desktop computers. However, a line of dual-core processors for ultrabooks will be coming "later this spring", according to the chip maker.

The Ivy Bridge release is expected to drive a new wave of PC sales. "The momentum around the system design is pretty astonishing," said Kirk Skaugen, Intel's PC business chief. "There are more than 300 mobile products in development and more than 270 different desktops, many of which are all-in-one designs. This is the world's first 22 nanometer product and we'll be delivering about 20 per cent more processor performance using 20 per cent less average power."

This new technology has been 11 years in the making; the tri-gate transistor moves away from the traditional two-dimensional transistors, to a three-dimensional structure. Intel has built three new factories to make these chips, with a fourth to come into production later this year.

The processors are said to be able to handle a resolution of 4K: the high-definition used in top-end video cameras. The new transcoding rate will also allow users the recode video more quickly, for email or smartphone use. USB 3.0 will also be more easily available, and the chips also offer new hardware-based security options.

Source: BBC