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Japanese Media Turning On Sony

The Japanese media is continuing its heel turn and is agressively targeting Sony, even fielding insulting consumer comments to new CEO of the electronics maker Kazuo Hirai.

Some of the comments included: "Now the sun is setting somewhat (on Sony)" ; "What's Sony?" ; "[it is] an incompetent electronics maker" and "none of it's new products grab me. There's no excitement."

These comments were read to Mr Hirai on the news show Mr Sunday, as part of the new CEO's press tour where he was discussing the new direction the firm would take. Known as "One Sony," the idea is to present a more unified approach, bringing all divisions into profitability, including the beleaguered hardware sector of the business which hasn't been profitable for some time.

This is likely only achievable thanks to Sony's 10,000 employee firing spree, though it's hardly adding to the firm's likeability at the moment. Public perception is a difficult thing to measure in terms of its impact on sales, but there are many people that won't buy from a company that they dislike.

With the big shake up management has received, as well as a much more streamlined - employee wise - business, it will be interesting to see if Sony can turn things around, or at least mirror some of the success its entertainment sector has had in the past decade.

Source: Kotaku (opens in new tab)

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