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Late News: Chinese Court to Mediate Apple Proview iPad Trademark Dispute, Facebook Revises Terms, Hurt Locker Makers Sue Fans

A Chinese court has got involved with a dispute between Apple and the Chinese company (opens in new tab) that is claiming Apple is using the iPad trademark, without permission. Guangdong High Court, based in Southern China, is hoping to settle the dispute, said Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer for Proview Electronics Co. According to Ma, a settlement is likely to be reached out of court, as "the Guangdong High Court is helping to arrange it".

Virtual athletes across the UK will be interested to learn (opens in new tab) that a release date has now been confirmed, for the official game of the London Olympics. Sega announced that London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games - will be out on Tuesday the 26th of June, a month ahead of the start of the actuasl event itself.

YouTube lost its legal fight in Germany on Friday (opens in new tab), after the Hamburg regional court ruled that the video-sharing service was responsible for copyright-infringed content posted on the site. Ruling in favour of German performing rights agency GEMA, the case was centred around 12 videos uploaded to YouTube without the consent of its copyright holders. Judging the case on seven of the 12 videos, the court has asked for YouTube to install filters in order to determine if videos copyrighted by GEMA are uploaded.

The company behind the 'explosive' movie Hurt Locker, (opens in new tab) Voltage Pictures, has announced its intention to sue another 2,514 suspected pirates for allegedly illegally sharing the movie online via torrents. This isn't the first time Voltage has taken to the court room to target people that wanted to watch the Oscar winning movie. Soon after it gained the coveted award back in 2010, Voltage announced the intention to sue thousands of claimed file sharers. The number ended up reaching a staggering 24,583 individuals.

Facebook has revised its terms after users complained (opens in new tab) that it could be misconstrued as an excuse for censorship, resulting in the social networking site reopening the consultation into other changes made to those conditions. Users sent in their concerns over the suggested amendments to Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities in the midst of a consultation period run in March, with the site revealing on Friday that it would open up another comment session until 27 April for any proposed changes.

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