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Namco Bandai Combines US And EU Branches

Namco Bandai has announced that the US and EU arms of its business will be combined in an effort to replicate the company's unified success in Japan. Mark Tsuji has been named as the new overseas CEO.

"We wanted to unite our overseas organisation under one leadership," said Namco Bandai Games VP Carlson Choi. "That way we can have one united front as a Western organisation to better serve our consumer out here."

Mr Choi continued by saying that the past 12 months have seen a big transformation at the firm, especially with regards to its business in countries outside of its native Japan. As part of growing its business, he says that there will be an increased focus on interaction between the East and West branches, allowing for further cooperation and exposure for titles that can be popular in both parts of the world.

"In Japan for the fiscal year, Namco Bandai achieved 24 per cent market share. That shows impressive leadership. And we are asking: how do we transfer that leadership position across Europe and the States?" His answer: merging US and EU businesses.

Namco was recently in the news for its poor treatment of programmers, specifically regarding mental health issues. It was reported that even at the urging of personal physicians, employers were forcing unsociably long and stressful work schedules, leading to severe health problems for some.

Source: MCVUK (opens in new tab)

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