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New Sony Projector Records What You Write

Sony has announced the impending release of a new projector, designed to work as an interactive whiteboard as well as store what you write or scribble - allowing for the reuse of the same notes later on.

Called the Sony VPL-SW535C, the projector uses a 3,000 lumen bulb, allowing it to be used in classrooms or similar without the need to dim the lights. The long-life bulb will also apparently last upwards of 6,000 hours and can be used very close to the screen thanks to a mirrored projection system. Sony has said a 70 inch screen can be generated from as close as 11cm away.

The SW535C comes with two infrared pens, which can be tracked by the projector as if the user is writing directly onto the screen - they can even be tracked at the same time, allowing for dual use scenarios. What the user writes or draws, is then digitally stored and retained for future presentations. The pens can also be used as standard mice when moving around a computer screen.

Set to go on sale in Japan next month, the device will retail for 260,00 Yen (around £1,990), with the main demographic being schools and businesses that commonly require projection equipment.

Source: PCAdvisor (opens in new tab)

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