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Olympics May Cause ISPA Members To Use Traffic Management

Broadband usage has been predicted to reach high levels of demand during the Olympics, that so much so, Internet service providers may implement measures to control the high levels of Internet traffic.

According to the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA), some of its members may put into place traffic management processes to cope with the demand for bandwidth.

Businesses in London have been encouraged to let staff work from home to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and public transport during the Games. However, this is likely to result in unprecedented amounts of broadband usage. Twenty-eight per cent of the British public also intend to use the Internet to keep up to date with the Olympics, according to research published by InTechnology.

An ISPA spokesman has said that its members have been investing in their broadband infrastructure in preparation for the Games, and is therefore confident that Internet service providers will cope with the surge in demand.

O2, Orange and Virgin have all insisted that they are not planning to introduce any measures to control Internet traffic, with Orange saying its network will have "adequate capacity to cope with additional demand." BT has also stated it is satisfied with its preparation for the high levels of usage, and will not be implementing any traffic management measures.

Source: Cable (opens in new tab)