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Price Of PS Vita Cut To £174.95

The price of the PS Vita (Wi-Fi edition) has fallen down to a mere £174.95 (using the voucher code VCUK5), a saving of £55.04 (or nearly 24 per cent) off its suggested retail price.

The portable console is probably the fastest on the market. It has a five-inch OLED display with a 960 by 544 pixels resolution higher than most smartphones on the market.

It sports a unique rear multi touch capacitive touchpad and is powered by an ARM Cortex-A9 processor with four cores and a Power VR SGX543MP4+, the same GPU that powers the Apple A5X (found in the new iPad).

Other features include Wi-FI, Bluetooth, rear and front cameras, GPS, microphone, a slot for its own proprietary memory card and full compatibility with the Playstation Network and the Playstation Store.

In effect, there is little to differentiate it from a mainstream smartphone other than the fact that it can't make call (except via VoIP) and doesn't come with a mobile operating system (like Android).

Oh and you can add CONSOLE at check out to get free next day delivery as well.

Source : Zavvi