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Samsung Unleashes UNPACKED 2012 Teaser, No Galaxy S3 Yet

Samsung has unveiled its UNPACKED 2012 teaser on Youtube and as expected, the 15-second video contains a few cryptic messages plus the link to the still-unavailable destination website

The video starts with an idyllic view of what looks like an aurora borealis above a city, it then displays the line "For technology to be truly smart, shouldn't it fit into your life naturally?", a leading question to which Samsung expects us to answer yes.

A few minutes ago, Samsung pushed live a website with the URL of the anagram of The website is currently down because of the amount of traffic it has attracted; the server having apparently decided to close our connection without sending any meaningful data.

However looking at the source code of the blank page that was displayed, we found the following text "You've got it all mixed up. Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere. Click on the letters in the correct order to reveal your real destination." That correct order being - thenextgalaxy - which may well be the name of the Galaxy S3.

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