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Twizgrid: View Photos Posted On Twitter By Location And Topic

Ever wanted to view Twitter in the visual sense, through images? Well now you can, thanks to a new app called Twizgrid. Instead of displaying single text tweets, Twizgrid can arrange tweeted photos, in a grid-like layout.

Users can either view a selection of photos from the entire site, or look for a specific image by using the category function. The app can even show pictures posted by people that you follow, or who follow you - with the option to look for a particular image, by searching for a particular geographical location.

"With 500 million registered Twitter users and more than 175 million tweets per day, we feel that there is a vast untapped resource of incredible photos on Twitter," explained co-founder Cahuncey Regan. "Twizgrid provides a richly layered experience. While photos remain the ultimate focus, the inclusion of corresponding tweets and Twitter profiles provides an invaluable frame of reference for the images. It's truly a window to the world."

Whilst quite a remarkable service, its outstanding feature has to be the location-based search function - by permitting the app to access your location, so that you can view photos published nearby, or to let you drop a pin on Google Maps, to allow you to see images posted in other areas.

For those interested in searching for a specific item, the app also enables users to view photos whittled down to certain criteria. This allows you to view a selection of pictures of a person, or place taken near you, helping you find out more about events and activities happening close to your location.

iTunes App Store: Twizgrid (opens in new tab)

Source: Mashable (opens in new tab)

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