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Check Point Introduces ThreatCloud Security Solution

Check Point has just unveiled ThreatCloud, a system the company is billing as the first collaborative network designed to fight cybercrime.

ThreatCloud gathers data from enterprises using a network of global threat sensors, and those organisations can then share data about emerging threats to help protect all concerned from the ravages of malware.

ThreatCloud powers new Anti-Bot and Antivirus Software Blades by feeding threat updates directly to customers' security gateways, with these updates being distributed within seconds around the world.

Gil Shwed, founder, chairman and CEO at Check Point, commented: "In a world where all industries and organizations face an ever-increasing number of sophisticated threats, there is a need for stronger security solutions to control network access, prevent data loss and protect against web-based threats. With our latest line of appliances, customers can achieve new levels of integrated protection."

This new security solution is part of Check Point's latest software blade release, R75.40, which also introduces Check Point's GAiA unified 64-bit operating system.

R75.40 tightens security levels considerably with over 100 new security features, advanced threat protection, and yet simplified management, Check Point claims.

Check Point noted: "With GAiA, customers can benefit from a single, unified OS for all Check Point appliances, open servers and virtualized gateways. As enterprises and global service providers make the transition to IPv6, GAiA supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networks, with up to 70 million concurrent connections and a variety of dynamic routing protocols to meet the performance needs of the most demanding network environments."