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Digital Innovation Competition Could Win You £300,000

Hoping to 'innovate' the way we all watch TV and films, the Digital Innovation Contest is offering a total prize pack of £300,000 for those that can come up with a viable product or service for the future.

Dividing the cash into several "challenges" the contest is aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs with unique ideas that could be implemented or developed into new products. The main categories and their prizes are:

  • Second Screen: Two £30,000 prizes for synchronous or asynchronous delivery
  • Accessibility and TV for all: One £30,000 prize
  • Innovation in Children's Content: One £30,000 prize
  • Tools to Drive Multi-platform Exploitation: One £30,000 prize
  • Enhancing Programme Metadata: One £30,000 prize
  • New Forms of Marketing: Two £30,000 prizes

Each of these areas has been defined as "genuine commercial opportunities by eight major organisations from the digital content and media sector," and those same groups are ready to work with any successful applicants to bring the product or service to a commercial level. The firms involved in the scheme include: Hat Trick, RNIB, Freemantle Media, National Geographic, Rovi Corp, Lionsgate, Zodiak Media and Virgin.

If you wish to apply for the scheme you can do so over at the official page (opens in new tab), where there is a ready to fill in application form. All applicants that are considered winners, will retain the full copyright on their intellectual property.

Applications will be accepted up until noon on 31st May 2012.

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