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EA Games Actively Looking To Acquire Developers

EA Games has said it is actively looking for more developers to buy, seeing who is for sale. This was confirmed by the publishing giant's corporate development associate, Carolyn Rohd, in an interview about her daily life at Electronic Arts.

"If we're interested in moving into a particular genre of gaming, or bolstering our presence in a certain area, then we'll look at the market landscape to see who's performing the best and who, of those companies, is a good strategic and financial fit for EA. Then we determine whether an acquisition makes sense," she said.

"Sometimes we hear from a banker that a particular company is for sale and we evaluate if we want to own the company or not. It's sort of like dating - we "date" a lot of companies, but it has to be a fit both ways for us to "marry" and integrate."

EA has bought out many developers in the past few years alone. In 2011 it acquired PopCap, Firemint and Mobile Post Production. In 2010 it picked up Chillingo and J2Play, with another 10 developers being bought up in the past five years alone.

As the interview moved on to other topics, Rohd said that EA wasn't limited by geographical location and that it was looking for applicable businesses in all countries. Firemint was an Australian buy, while Playfish and Chillingo were based in the UK.

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