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Gabe Newell Smashes EA's Origin

Head of Valve and rocker of beards Gabe Newell, has taken a few swipes at EA's Origin service, saying that he doesn't feel the team behind it - though talented - has produced anything noteworthy as of yet.

EA's digital distribution platform has drawn mixed comments from gamers and developers alike since its inception. Some believe EA will abuse it, forcing gamers down routes they don't want to go. While others say that it's good Valve's Steam has another competitor - monopolies are never positive for the consumer.

Mr Newell is perhaps a mixture of the two, believing that Origin could one day be something good, but that for now it's just "playing catchup."

"I think they're recognising what the challenges are with building and scaling out this kind of system," he said in an interview with SevenDayCooldown (opens in new tab). "That's not to say they won't build stuff in the future that is useful to software developers or to gamers but they haven't done that yet."

He did say however that he would like EA's games to return to Steam."Whatever they're trying to do to create value for their customers is not a zero sum game."

"I think EA wants to take their shot at building their own alternative to Steam, and if they're successful at that and their customers like that then that's great. We think their customers would be happy if their games were on Steam. We tell them that on a regular basis."

Source: MCVUK (opens in new tab)

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