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Internet Hall Of Fame Inducts its First Members

The Internet Hall of Fame opened up its virtual doors yesterday, marking the arrival of its inaugural members inducted into the society.

Renowned tech pioneers including Mitchell Baker, Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf and Brewster Kahle were amongst the elite few, noted for their achievements and contributions to the Worldwide web.

"This historic assembly of Internet visionaries, innovators, and leaders represents an extraordinary breadth of vision and work," said Internet Society president and CEO Lynn St. Armour. "While the inductees have extremely diverse backgrounds and represent many different countries, each individual has an incredible passion for their work."

Three award sections were set up for the Internet Society's Hall of Fame: Pioneers Circle, Innovators and Global Connectors. In order to be eligible for either of the categories, candidates were graded as follows:

Pioneers - "individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet."

Innovators - "individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, or policy advances and helped to expand the Internet's reach."

Global Connectors - "individuals from around the world who have made significant contributions to the global growth and use of the Internet."

Hosted in Geneva, Switzerland, other names honoured in the ceremony included creator of online classifieds site Craigslist Craig Newark, as well as former US vice president Al Gore, describing the Internet society as a "a key proponent of sponsoring legislation that funded the expansion of and greater public access to the Internet."

Source: CBS

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