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'iPhone In Business' Page Wants To Conquer Enterprise Users

Apple's iPhones are the best-selling range of products for the company and highly popular amongst the smartphone userbase. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement, as realised by Apple's officials.

A recent report shows that RIM's BlackBerry maintains its reputation as the top enterprise-ready smartphone - yet Apple has decided to overcome RIM's popularity in the enterprise sector, once and for all.

The new section of Apple's official website, "iPhone in Business (opens in new tab)" is specifically designed to appeal to business customers. Highlighting five different sections of "iPhone at Work", "Integration," "Apps for Business", "Profiles", "Resources", Apple demonstrates how its iPhone can act as the ultimate business tool.

When taking their iPhones to work, users will receive various tools for organising their busy days as well as the ability to check their accounting data - plus they'll also be able to manage projects and plan their travels thanks to the new functions.

Another iPhone advantage would be, according to Apple, its high integration and security features.

"Data is protected with hardware encryption and enhanced Data Protection. Users can securely access corporate networks with support for leading VPN and Wi-Fi protocols including SSL VPN," says Apple, tapping into RIM's main selling point.

When it comes to apps, Apple promotes both its own tools as well as applications developed by other companies - proving to be a highly popular resource within the business community.

Source: Apple (opens in new tab)

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