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iPhone, iPad New York Thefts Increase By 44 Per Cent

As Apple devices become much more in demand, one of the consequences is thieves eyeing up iPhones and iPads more intensely. According to statistics from the New York Police Department, thefts of iPhones and iPads have increased by 44 per cent, compared to the same period as last year.

Thieves can sell the devices for prices ranging anywhere between $200 to $800. Up until mid-April this year, 1,196 Apple devices were stolen - compared to the 831 Apple products stolen right up until last April.

Twenty-six year old chef Hwang Yang was murdered in Riverdale, after returning from his shift. Instead of his attackers taking his wallet, they chose to steal his iPhone. Police officials are still looking for the criminals and have offered a $12,000 reward, says a NY Daily News report.

The police have warned that using an iPhone or iPod on the subway can be more risky than people realise. "It's the equivalent of holding hundreds of dollars in your hand," said one police source.

In order to clamp down on these crimes, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Sen. Chuck Schumer have announced an agreement between federal regulators and US carriers to create a database of unique ID numbers assigned to smartphones in order to track stolen devices.

Source: NY Daily News (opens in new tab)

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