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iPhone, iPad Sales Could Raise Investors’ Expectations

Apple will soon be announcing its latest quarterly earnings but until then, industry observers are carefully analysing the situation and making some last-minute predictions.

A couple of days ago, Sterne Agee's Shaw Wu detailed in a note to investors that Apple is known for its "vintage conservative guidance."

However, the analyst believes that at the next earnings call, Apple is going to adopt a more aggressive position. The main reason for this change in attitude could be iPhone and iPad momentum, as put by a recent report from AppleInsider.

Following the sales performance of its top lines of devices, smartphones and tablets, Apple might try to push investors' expectations higher for the next quarter.

In addition, Wu points out that Apple still has room for improvement, and that the iPhone has a lot of potential.

The analyst based his opinions on research proving that the iPhone 4S has a slower performance on the developed markets, calling for Apple to urgently address this matter.

Verizon also offers some cause for concern, as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S activations on this carrier were not as high as the analysts had previously hoped.

Source: AppleInsider (opens in new tab)

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