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Nintendo Launches UK Customer Support Centre

Nintendo has announced the launch of a new customer support centre in the UK, providing advice lines for those with questions and a repair option for anyone whose console has problems.

Those that go in for a hardware fix on their Wii can expect a free first inspection to check what the issue is and a free postage return. If you're within warranty and there is something that needs tweaking or replacing, Nintendo has pledged to do it for free and have it back on your doorstep within seven days, followed up by a new one year warranty. This is a pretty impressive turnaround, that if adhered to will give Nintendo a standout service compared to other console manufacturers.

If yours unfortunately doesn't come under warranty, you'll still get the free inspection, but Nintendo will then quote you for the full repair costs. There is no obligation however, so if you don't fancy shelling out or want to try a fix yourself, the console can be returned in the same state it left you.

Those with handheld faults on a DS or 3DS console can also make use of the new support centre, with free speedy repairs for those that need a fix and are within warranty. There's also a free screen protector included for those that use the service.

Source: PocketGamer (opens in new tab)

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