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One In Four Prefer Internet Access To Running Water

Some people couldn't live without being online, and would prefer to keep internet access over and above having running water.

The list doesn't end there. In fact, an Infosecurity Europe survey of 1,000 people found that 27 per cent would be more upset by not having the internet at home, than if they didn't have TV, heating, a washing machine or indeed water.

More men were bothered than women at the prospect of no net, with 32 per cent of males finding it unthinkable, as opposed to 22 per cent of women.

Claire Sellick, Event Director for Infosecurity Europe, commented: "Internet addiction isn't a new phenomenon, but the fact that more than a quarter of people would put internet access ahead of heating and water shows how important it is."

"Worryingly, 9% of people said they would access unprotected wifi and 4% would hack into secured wifi to get back online - showing that security concerns can go out of the window in people's obsession with internet access."

72 per cent of respondents said they couldn't cope for more than a few days without their net access, and 17 per cent moaned that they couldn't cope at all. Furthermore, if they had no internet back home, 17 per cent would stay on at work to get on Facebook (or whatever their online poison happens to be). Presumably the same 17 per cent in those last two cases...